SchutteKai God Complex
After dying, Eric is revealed the truth of the world and given a chance to become something that everyone always dreamed of. Becoming a god. What will he do with this new found power? Torment people or be a saint to everyone?
Qidian Summoning the Holy Sword
During this chaotic era, the darkness engulfs all. In a struggle of fire and death, despair shrouds the continent. The line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred as a speckle of starlight penetrates the night sky. But is it enough to reverse the downfall and fate? To regain the lost glory? Rhode is a famed player in the game “Dragon Soul Continent”. There, he leads the strongest player guild in the game, the Starlight Guild. Just as he defeats the last BOSS, the Void Dragon, he unexpectedly awoke in a world identical to the game. As the Summoner Swordsman returns to the continent, waves will be cast in the rivers of fate. Can he face the coming chaos and avert the destruction of the continent?
Tsarck Suspended for now*Silver Nightmare in different worlds
Tsarck was not a normal human . He was not someone that could be understood. He was a nightmare that lurked in the shadows to hunt . On earth he was the most famous mass murderer. The silver nightmare. But after a life filled with murders , he became bored ,he already did everything in his world ,so he decided to kill himself.Maybe he was gonna get reincarnated like those main character...
ThEsHiPiSsAiLiNg Second Female Lead's Counterattack System: Hubby, I'm Waiting for You!
A girl travels to different worlds to face slap the main leads and complete missions for points. She focuses on hugging a big, golden thigh of a second male lead in the first story. However... Male Lead: "Why don't you hug my thighs? They are the biggest you can find." Girl: "NO! You are gonna kill me!" Turns around and runs. She looks back. Girl: "F*ck! Why are you chasing!" Male Lead...
IvanDeSchreck Son Of Chaos
The son of chaos, born from chaos,creating chaos,using chaos,destroying chaos.Creating chaos means to bend and break the rules.Using chaos means to use it for your advantage.Destroying chaos means to create and enforce new rules.Follow Ivan as he lives and grows in a world full of magical wonders, dangers and of course a mighty system that controls the realm.Follow him on his...